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LC Cubicles


LC Enteprises has been a humble office panel manufacturer since 1998. We have over 2000 customers across the USA who are using LC panel systems. We make short and tall systems, fabric and hard surface, all custom made to the customers request. We have a website that shows what we do, located here: LC Enterprises.

This LC Cubicles website is designed to be unbiased and give some insights into the issues that will be faced when a company decides to use and office panel system. In our opinion, cubicles are a good thing. You just have to consider the work that is being done, and try to achieve a balance between too much distraction, and too much isolation. The whole idea is to improve the productivity, which can be done with a thoughtful layout, and some sensible work policies.

LC Cubicles, 363 W 3rd St. Perris CA 92570

Business: (951) 940-6068, Facsimile: (951) 657-0180
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